Ready to Register for Classes?

If you have completed the admissions steps, then let's get started! Students attending college for the first time are required to attend an online Group Advising session. It is essential to schedule your group advising session as early as possible. 

During non-registration periods, advisors help students with education plans, resource needs, career advice, and other advising services.

How to Register for Classes

Steps to Register for Classes
  1. Log into the myPHSC
  2. Select the tile for WISE student system
  3. Select Academics
  4. Select Registration
  5. Select the term you wish to register for
  6. Select Register
  7. Enter search parameters under the Course Search section
  8. Browse the courses in the Required/Elective Courses section
  9. Select the green + Add button next to the course(s) you wish to add
  10. Select the View button to view all of your pending selections
  11. Select the Register button to submit your registration choices

Note: Registration for on-campus courses is not allowed after the first class meets. Registration for online courses will be permitted until 8:59 p.m. on the Wednesday after classes begin.


Special Notice to Florida State Employees

Current and prospective students who are using the Florida State Employee Fee Waiver to register for classes must complete a Registration Form.

How to Register

To register for classes, please complete the Registration Form for Florida State Employees and email it, along with your completed and signed state approval form to the Assistant Dean of the campus where you wish to take the class(es). If your form shows your social security number, please remove it, and list your PHSC student ID instead. Remember to include several class alternatives, as some sections may be full.

The Assistant Dean will verify your eligibility, waive the late registration fee, register you for the class(es), and forward the paperwork to the Financial Office, which will waive your tuition fees. Be sure to check your WISE account for any lab fees you may have to pay out-of-pocket. These fees are due on the day of registration, or your class(es) may be dropped.

Send your request to:

Steps to Complete the Registration Form
  1. Download Registration Form for Florida State Employees
  2. Close the 'internet preview' window
  3. Go to files
  4. Click the download
  5. Make sure it opens in a PDF viewer and not another internet browser window
  6. Edit and Save (rename)
  7. Attach to email