COVID-19 Update

In-person advising appointments have been suspended until further notice. Students may contact the Student Affairs Office on any campus for additional information, or to schedule an appointment.

Advising - General Information

PHSC is committed to helping students achieve success and thereby provides many resources to provide assistance and a better opportunity for a student to graduate with a degree/certificate/diploma. Academic Advisors provide academic, life and crisis coaching while working closely with other campus partners to support students in achieving their personal, academic, and professional goals. Advisors can assist a student with the following:

  • Exploring goals, stressors, dreams, obstacles etc.
  • Connecting students to helpful resources
  • Creating future plans and mapping out objectives
  • Improving confidence and lowering stress
  • Maximizing time management and study skills

Students may contact the Student Affairs Office on any campus to schedule an appointment. 

Student Assistance Program

PHSC, in addition to academic advising, offers free, confidential counseling through our Student Assistance Program for students dealing with personal, relationship or significant academic challenges through our partnership with BayCare Life Management.