Students should note the important dates and times within each term for registration, drop/add, last date to withdraw from or audit a course and dates when fees are due. The College will adhere to the dates and times published in the current College Calendar.

Students who wish to drop, withdraw from or audit a class must follow specific procedures as authorized by the District Board of Trustees and the State of Florida. Students who fail to follow the instructions outlined below may have adverse grade and financial aid consequences.

Beginning fall 2017 (20181) registration for on campus courses is not allowed after the first class meets. Beginning fall 2018 (20191) registration for online courses will be permitted until 8:59 p.m. on the Wednesday after classes begin.

To Drop a Class Online

Eligible students may drop online using the WISE system. Students using the WISE system are reminded that they are solely responsible for any errors in registration. Students should always make a copy of their WISE transactions when adding or dropping classes. Note that students on restrictions, requiring college preparatory courses or changing courses which have a corequisite,   laboratory or clinical component, will need to make these changes at the Student Affairs office. 

Financial aid recipients, veterans and other students whose programs require specific credit hour enrollment should be aware that dropping or withdrawing from a class may change their award eligibility and may reduce the amount of aid they receive for the term.

To Drop a Class On Campus

Students must:

  1. Complete a Registration Form (SAR-5), available in the Student Affairs office, indicating the course prefix, course number, and section number for the appropriate class
  2. Take the completed registration form to the Student Affairs office staff where the staff member will input the information into the college student records system dropping the course from the student's schedule. The staff member will return a copy of the registration form to the student, along with a printout showing the student's new class schedule.

To Withdraw from a Class

Students must:

  1. Complete a student initiated Withdrawal Request Form (SCN-3), which can be obtained from any Student Affairs office
  2. Follow the instructions on the back of the form
  3. Get the student initiated Withdrawal Request Form signed by the instructor, signifying the student's last day of attendance
  4. Return the signed form to the Student Affairs office to be input into the College record. Students cannot complete withdrawals online.

Students are cautioned that withdrawing from a course can  have future financial consequences and can affect their eligibility or continued receipt of financial aid, including Florida Bright Futures. All students receiving financial aid, or Florida Bright Futures are required to speak with a Financial Aid office representative before withdrawing from a class. Students receiving veterans educational benefits are required to speak with a VA advisor.

Students who withdraw from a course do not receive a refund of course fees. Also, students must comply with the applicable published withdrawal dates for each term. See the College Calendar for specific deadlines.

To Audit a Class

Students who wish to audit a course may do so at the time they register each term or before the end of the "Withdrawal" period each term. The course fees for an audited class are the same as the fees for taking the course for college credit. Students who register for "audit" classes during the registration period, including the drop/add period, will not have these "audit" classes paid for by financial aid. Please note that high school students who are dual enrollment students will not be permitted to audit a course.

Courses Not Permitted for Audit:

  • Required college preparatory courses
  • Noncredit courses
  • Career and technical courses, except with the permission of the appropriate academic dean