Declaring/Changing your Major

PHSC offers a variety of degree and certificate options. As part of your application to PHSC, it is essential to choose/declare a major. If you need assistance with choosing a major, or would like to change your major, you may meet with an advisor to complete a program declaration form. This form is available at any campus in the Student Affairs office. To declare/change your major, schedule an appointment to speak with an academic advisor. 

Degree Audit

A degree audit is a report that tracks your academic progress. The report shows courses that you have completed in your major, as well as the courses that you still need to meet your degree/certificate requirements. If you have transferred in courses from another school that may be substituted for class within your program, talk with an advisor about a course substitution. Degree audits are instrumental in assisting with course selection. They can be obtained by scheduling an appointment with an advisor, or by simply logging in to your WISE account

Meet with an advisor

When choosing your major it is always best to meet with your advisor who can help guide you on the right path to achieve your goals.