Audit or Withdraw - General Information

Students should note the important dates and times within each term to audit or withdraw from a course. Students can find all key dates in the current Academic Calendar.

Students who wish to withdraw from or audit a class must follow specific procedures as authorized by the District Board of Trustees and the State of Florida. Students who fail to follow the instructions outlined below may have adverse grade and financial aid consequences.

Financial aid recipients, veterans and other students whose programs require specific credit hour enrollment should be aware that withdrawing from a class may change their award eligibility and may reduce the amount of aid they receive for the term.

What is Audit?

A college credit status in a course with no grade assigned; may be selected before the drop/add period ends and results in no penalty for the number of attempted classes. Classes audited after the drop/add period will count in the number of class attempts. Attendance is still required in class; results in grade of "X.

What is Withdraw?

Action taken to remove a student from a course after the drop/add period, up until the deadline date listed for the term; withdrawal may be initiated by a student or instructor by completion of forms provided by the Office of Student Affairs and will result in a grade of "W." No refund of fees.

Withdrawals may have an effect on a student's financial aid or Standards of Academic Progress. Signature of the instructor and the official last date of attendance are required on the Audit/Withdrawal Request form.

Steps to Audit or Withdraw from a Class

Students must:

  1. Complete a student initiated Audit/Withdrawal Request Form
  2. Submit completed, signed Audit/Withdrawal Request Form to by the posted deadline date.