Gold is the Goal in Student Success

Pasco-Hernando State College encourages students to take advantage of the many services available at the college. PHSC faculty and staff are here to help you successfully complete your program and graduate. We will assist you with academic, financial and social challenges and connect you with beneficial campus and community resources to help you achieve your goals!

Student Success Resources

Academic Advising

Advisors in the student affairs office assist students with academic, career, and personal matters. Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor at any PHSC campus.

Academic Success Center

PHSC students will receive support, guidance, and free tutoring through the Academic Success Center to help them reach their academic and personal goals.

Bobcat Pantry

PHSC's Bobcat Pantry is a donation-based service, free to students who need assistance in having their basic needs met. The pantry provided supplemental food and various hygiene products to ensure no student goes without. Students in need or individuals who would like to donate can call 855-669-7472, or email

Career Services

PHSC’s career services department helps students select a major, plan academic goals, develop career readiness skills, and search for a job with an online career guidance system. Students will have access to lectures and workshops, internships, online job search resources and career advising. 

Financial Aid 

Need help paying for college? The financial aid office at PHSC provides information and advising about federal, state and institutional aid programs, as well as local scholarships that may help you achieve your educational goals.

Foundation Scholarship

Students are encouraged to apply for the many scholarships available through the PHSC Foundation. During the 2017-18 academic year, the Foundation provided $1,096,540 to students. Apply for a Foundation scholarship.


Each PHSC campus has a library staffed with experts who direct students to informational resources that support all aspects of the College's instructional, administrative, and cultural functions. Additionally, library instruction is offered to help each student at the college acquire the skills necessary to use all available resources effectively.

Peer Mentor Program

Peer mentors are PHSC students who foster growth and empower their peers to take advantage of the support systems and resources available at the College while providing a casual, social platform for open communication. Student peer mentors are committed to promoting tools for student success. This dynamic group of students is friendly, approachable and provides a positive presence on campus. Peer mentors serve as a vital link between the college and the questions, concerns and feedback of its students.

Interested in helping your peers? Apply to become a peer mentor!

PHSC Mobile and Navigate

Download the PHSC Mobile App to stay informed with up-to-date information, learn about campus activities, clubs and events, view campus maps, check final grades, financial aid and scholarships. Get easy access to course descriptions and schedule, registration through WISE, and more!  Also, find the newest feature, Navigate, an app that will help navigate a personal student experience.

Student Accessibility Services

PHSC’s Office of Student Accessibility Services ensures equal access and provides accommodations and services to its registered students with disabilities.

Student Assistance Programs

The BayCare Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a free, voluntary, and confidential counseling service for students facing personal problems that may interfere with their academic success. Specifically for PHSC students, check out the BayCare Behavioral Health online resource, Personal Advantage, for articles, tips, resources and more. To access BayCare's Personal Advantage program log in using "BAYCARE".

Student Life and Leadership

Student Life and Leadership (SLL) at PHSC offers many opportunities to ensure student success.  Participation in activities sponsored by SLL allow students to get involved with student life on campus where they learn about educational resources and gain valuable leadership skills. So, join a club, make new friends and network your way to success!

Testing Services

PHSC provides testing services to help students in a number of areas—placement into college-level courses, admission into limited-access programs, assessment of basic skills for exiting career and technical education (CTE) programs, assessment of prior learning for college credit, and industry certification.