Declaring/Changing your Program

PHSC provides a range of degree and certificate programs. When applying to PHSC, students must select or declare a major. Those needing guidance in this decision or wishing to change programs can meet with an advisor to fill out a program declaration form. These forms are accessible at any campus Student Affairs office. To declare or change a program, students should arrange an appointment with an academic advisor or or drop-in during business hours. It's important to note that programs cannot be changed during a semester; any changes will take effect at the beginning of the next term.

Degree Audit

A degree audit is a report that monitors progress toward a degree or certificate. It displays courses that are completed and in-progress, and identifies those still required to meet program requirements. If courses have been transferred from another institution but can substitute for required classes, discussing potential substitutions with an advisor is recommended. Degree audits play a crucial role in guiding course selection and can be obtained by scheduling an appointment with an advisor or logging in to myPHSC.

"What If" Audit

Our Advisors offer assistance with "What If" audits for students contemplating a program change. This audit enables students to visualize the remaining credits they would need if they were to switch to a different program. It's a temporary assessment designed to offer clarity before committing to a program change.

Note on Limited Access Programs

Students must meet specific entry requirements to join Limited Access Programs and cannot change their program until officially accepted. Until acceptance, they are considered to be in application status. Once admitted, Admissions will assist in changing their program.

Meet with an advisor

When choosing your major it is always best to meet with your advisor who can help guide you on the right path to achieve your goals.